Basbas hierbas ibicincas and hierbas payesas on golden background
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Basbas hierbas ibicincas and hierbas payesas with hands
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Pouring Basbas
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Basbas Hierbas Bottle with Glass
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Pouring Basbas Hierbas
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Basbas is a term of endearment for hierbas payesas, a liqueur made from herbs native to Ibiza in the Iles Baleares, first distilled in the 15th century by local monks.

Basbas is the most awarded hierbas in the world—a craft-distilled herbal liqueur made with only the highest quality ingredients picked at their peak. The result is an impossibly smooth, sweet-but-not-too-sweet libation that stands on its own or in a cocktail.

25% ABV / 50 Proof 

Tasting Notes

Basbas comes on light and bright with a touch of sweet and island citrus. Super drinkable with a soul-warming herbaceousness and uplifting finish. It’s remarkably balanced and goes down easy before, during, after or way after dinner.

What You'll Taste: Anise, Sage, Citrus

What You'll Smell: Cinnamon, Anise, Rosemary

What You'll Feel: Happy to be alive